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LGLC News for May 2020

LGLC spring/summer digital newsletter now available

Hot off the Digital Press: LGLC's Spring/Summer newsletter is now available!

Our newest issue of viewsheds is now available to view and download. In our efforts to be cost conscious, we have opted to make this a digital issue. Click on the button below or image above to view the newsletter online, or to download it as a PDF.

In this issue:

We're all in this together! Photos shared by friends and followers on Facebook take a peek into how we're all using nature therapy to cope with this pandemic. (Plus, see the full gallery here!)

The protection of Twin Pines, and the legacy of the McGurl family - including a fun and personal Q&A with Tom McGurl, Jr.

Stewardship updates, including a recent bat survey; new advisory board members; funding spotlights; and lots of event info for the rest of 2020.

Amy's Park is home to at least one family of Osprey

The Osprey of Amy's Park

Osprey are raptors - large hawks, in fact - that are smaller than bald eagles but larger than a red-tailed hawk. Because they primarily eat fish, they are most often found near any body of water, including ponds, wetlands, and rivers, which makes Amy's Park an ideal habitat. There is at least one family of osprey currently nesting in the ponds of Amy's Park.

Ospreys are a conservation success story. According to the NYS DEC, the species' breeding population declined from an estimated 1,000 active nests in the 1940s between New York City and Boston, to an estimated 150 nests in 1969 due to DDT-induced eggshell thinning.

Since the ban of the insecticide DDT in New York in 1971, and in the rest of the country in 1972, the population has slowly been making a comeback. In 1995, there were 230 breeding pairs on Long Island alone. In 1983, the osprey was down graded to "Threatened" from its 1976 listing as "Endangered", and in 1999 it was downgraded from "Threatened" to "Special Concern."

We're proud to be a part of their success story!

Blooming forsythia at Peggy's Point with volunteer Mary Lou Doulin

Peggy's Point in Bloom

Spring has sprung at Peggy's Point! Under the care of our staff and dedicated volunteer Mary Lou Doulin (pictured), the plants at Peggy's Point are embracing spring with a flourish, despite the "pause" orders for the rest of us. Did you know that many of the plants in the Friendship Garden have been planted in memory or in honor of someone? Personalized plaques mark these special plantings, and each is lovingly watched over. If you have contributed to Peggy's beautiful gardens, thank you for trusting us with your tribute. We'll take good care of them until you're able to visit the gardens in person.

2020 Hike-A-Thon logo

Join us for our VIRTUAL Hike-A-Thon! Friendly reminder to those who did not register early - If you wish to order this year's shirt, please do so by June 5th to allow delivery before the holiday weekend.

How to participate:

  • Go outside on July 5th to enjoy an outing on your own. This may be in your own backyard, a local park, or other favorite walk, hike or paddle. If social distancing protocols are still in place, please continue to be safe and choose a destination that is local to you, and avoid crowds.

  • Show your Hike-A-Thon pride! Wear a t-shirt from a past Hike-A-Thon or this year’s. Those who have already registered will still have a free shirt available to them (details on delivery will be sent directly to the registrants). This year’s shirt, as well as past years’, will also available to purchase via lglcstore.myshopify.com. Orders must be placed by June 5th for delivery by July 1st.

  • Share a selfie or two on Facebook or Instagram, with the hashtags #LGHikeAThon2020—be sure to let us know where you are and who you’re with. Follow us @HikeLakeGeorge and @LakeGeorgeHikeAThon. Not on social media? No problem! Email pictures to shoffman@lglc.org.

As always, we are so grateful to all of you who made a donation with your registration, and to our sponsors. This year their support is especially important as we work through these difficult times. Please help us show our thanks by supporting them, as they have supported us:

Carl Heilman
Town of Bolton
North Country Heliflite
Lake George Mirror
Adirondack Pub and Brewery
Lake George RV Park
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JUST water logo
Camp David, Lake George
Love is on Lake George
International Paper, Ticonderoga Mill
Arcurio Consulting
Cedar Graphics
Shared photos of people enjoying some Nature Therapy

Sharing Experiences

We asked, and you shared! To help us tell the story of how we're all using nature therapy to help cope with this pandemic, we ask followers on Facebook to share some pictures of their outdoor experiences at Lake George and beyond - truly, wherever "local" is, is best! We used these pictures in our newest newsletter, but didn't quite have room for them all! So, you can view them all here, in our Nature Therapy gallery. Thank you to all who shared!

Plus, you can see all of these and more as a follower on Facebook and Instagram - find us @HikeLakeGeorge to get updates on our projects and recreational trails, as well as to stay connected. We love to hear from you and see what you’re doing to stay healthy and safe!


Event Updates

Events continue to be updated and confirmed as more details come forth. Please visit lglc.org and follow us on Facebook for updates and notices.

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